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Wood Nymphs and Centipede Kings, Exploring the Watchung Reservation

Sometimes, we all just need to breathe. Schedules get cramped; time slips past; places get too familiar. After more than a week inside, quarantined for a virus that drained me of absolutely everything, I was restless and distressed. All of my plans and ambitions had been sucked away, leaving me helpless and confused and sick both inside and out. As soon as my body was strong enough, I wanted to bolt. Armed with my Nikon and a kindred adventurous spirit, I marched out to blaze unfamiliar trails in the Watchung Reservation.


I’ve never been “that girl,” with her eye glued to the viewfinder of a camera, stopping every other minute to compose a shot or snap a picture–until, that is, I fell in love with a 30-year-old Nikon. Now, it’s rare that the hulking metal contraption isn’t stowed away in my purse, wound and ready to expose a frame. It wasn’t until a week ago that I swapped it out for a newer piece of photo technology, since this semester brings digital challenges my way.


After a week of painted walls and electric lighting, cough syrup and sugar-coated pain killers, being surrounded by lush green foliage and bright blue sky was a welcome change. Filling my lungs with fresh, fragrant air was better than any steroid or antibiotic imaginable. Though certain uphill hikes left me breathless and electrified, it was well worth the effort and endurance to sweat out whatever sickness lingered inside me. It was purifying.




When you’re deep in the woods, surrounded by the smells of sweet green leaves and damp earth, listening to the music of running water and birds in flight, it’s easy to let go of daily human troubles. We walked together for over an hour into the woods, never once spotting another human being–we began to fashion ourselves as wood nymphs, water sprites, creatures all together different from the human beings we posed as day to day. We were present, connected to the chipmunks, rabbits, birds, and centipedes who crossed our path.






I am so lucky to live so close to this remarkable patch of nature. In a world where urban sprawl is slowly closing in, where my day is dictated by traffic and transit times, where animals are so unafraid of roadways and travelers, it’s wonderful to have a place like this to get away to, whenever I want. Just a few feet down the path and that world melts away–gone are the highways and the schedules and perils of modern life. All that is left is the wild expanse of wood, green leaves, and water.




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Metamorphosis 74.0 – the Makeup Show NYC: the Day in Pictures

The Makeup Show NYC took place over two days at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th street, but I only managed to get there on Monday, May 16th. I was told if you make only one makeup trade show in a year, it should be the Makeup Show–I have to say, I did enjoy it immensely. As a pro-only event, proof of profession was required at the door and everyone inside was 100% serious about their makeup. There were fabulous demos and speakers, though I only caught bits and pieces of them, and an amazing exhibitor floor. Below are some of the photos I snapped during my stay:


Smashbox exhibits right inside the door

Unfortunately, they were sold out of the only product I was really interested in–their oh-so-amazing lipstains

Inglot was a much more pleasant shopping experience at this show!

Everyone building their Inglot palettes…

I have a newfound desire to try my hand at airbrush makeup…

I did get myself a Temptu Pro card so I can still get the discount price without buying the show bundle. I all ready have an airbrush, just have to check my specs…

Make Up Forever’s AMAZING exhibit

Model painted by Make Up Forever artists. Gotta say, I was loving those shorts!

Aqua Miami was clearly the biggest attraction at Make Up Forever. The liners were on show special, 5 for $58

NARS. I was really disappointed that they weren’t selling anything–I LOVED the new lip pencil for fall.


Stila products –you can see one of the “Stila Boys” in the background. They stood outside the exhibit in ripped shirts and tight jeans with tons and tons of eyeliner smeared all over them. Reminded me of Twilight vampires…

I don’t remember what company was working on this model…

OCC –on the table you can see their new OCC Tint, which I snagged at the show and think I’m in love with…

More OCC. Look at that organizer FULL of Lip Tars…!

Yves Saint-Laurant

YSL Summer Collection…I was a little confused by their target audience. They had bright lip and cheek colours, but warm bronze and terra-cotta shadows.


More MAC Pro. It drew quite a crowd, though I think everyone was just grabbed Pro Card apps

Model being painted by Kryolan, favourite brand of 16-year-old-Luna. Gotta love the Klimt-inspired poster in the background

Miss Alcone looked really familiar. I really wish I knew her name…

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine