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Metamorphosis 50.0 – March Monthly Picks!

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do a sort of product feature. Weekly seemed kind of ridiculous, and seasonal seemed too infrequent, so monthly sounds good. I’ve got thirty-odd days to think up new features, and that’s perfect.

This month, my picks are all products I got in March. I’m not sure if that will always be the case, but this month it certainly is. When I get new products, I tend to test out every aspect of their usage especially if I’m reviewing them so I get really attached to a lot of products.

My first pick is Wylde Ivy‘s Silken Body Oil in Little Shop in Salem. It’s like a nifty little moisturizing perfume that goes on smooth, soaks in quickly, and leaves you smelling wonderful all day. The oil itself is made from a combination of Coconut and Jojoba oils with addition oils from various fruit seeds. I particularly like it in this scent because it’s a light incense-y blend that’s sweet and a little dusty and layers perfectly will all sorts of other fragrances. Plus, it doesn’t give me (or anyone else around me) a headache after too long, as most fragrances often do.

Zoya Nail Polish in Dannii is a soft pink-purple with an amazing multi-coloured sparkle. I’m always amazed by the depth of colour in Zoya polishes, which is why they’re my favourite hands-down. This particular colour is great for spring–it reminds me of newly-budding flowers.

For some reason, I was all about the metallic eyes this month. Meow Cosmetics‘ Heiroglyph from the Egyptian Treasures Collection was definitely one of my go-to shadows. It’s described on-site as “metallic chartreuse with verdigris overtones and metallic gold undertones,” but I see it as a darkened, antiqued gold.

You’ve seen how beautiful Brazen‘s Cherry Bomb lip gloss is. If you haven’t, go read my review right now. It’s richly pigmented but still layerable, it’s smooth and creamy, and it stays put for hours. I haven’t seen this listed in the shop yet (which is live again after a brief hiatus!), but the owner is always more than happy to do custom listings if something you want is “out of stock.”

I’ve never been a blush girl, but lately I seem to be obsessed! The more unusual, the more shimmery, pigmented, sparkling, or complex the colour, the more I love it. Meow Cosmetics’ PINK, Inc blushes are really gorgeous. They apply like a dream, they’re incredibly blendable, and they have just the barest hint of shimmer that really bring them to life. My favourite is definitely Slip. On site, it’s described as “bright warm coral PINK with a slight refreshing twist of citrus peach,” but it definitely reads as a light coral-y peach. I ordered it in the 10g size, though I sort of feel like I should have gotten the larger jar.

–and there you have it! Five items I fell absolutely head-over-heels for this month. Also, all $10USD or less.

What have you been loving this month? Products, foods, music, websites, events?

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine


4 thoughts on “Metamorphosis 50.0 – March Monthly Picks!

  1. That Zoya polish is making me drool. I’ve been considering getting a blush from Meow, but I’ve been holding back on these things for the sake of my poor, poor wallet. xP Great favorites post! <3

    • Honestly, I really didn’t like that polish when I saw it on site. I got the whole collection on sale and it turns out that the ones I liked the least are actually the ones I think are prettiest–Dannii, Gemma, and Jules are absolutely beautiful in person and I would highly recommend them (though the Zoya formula is my favourite, so I might be a little biased anyway).
      Like I said, I’ve never been a blush girl, but definitely a recent convert! The PINK, Inc collection is pretty nice, but I’m really glad I bought Slip–it was one of those sight-unseen purchases, and while I ordered samples of almost all the others, I went straight for the full-size in this one. Definitely glad I did, it’s my favourite!

  2. Loving the Zoya and Meow with you! Have you tried Meow’s Firefly blushes? They’re shimmery, sheer, and omfg georgeous. Spark and Glisten are my favorites. I’ve never heard of Wylde Ivy but it sounds like something I’d love- must check them out.

    • Luna says:

      I’ve been meaning to try Glisten for a while–I get nervous looking at the swatches since some of them seem so dark, but I might include some samples in my next order.
      Wylde Ivy was definitely one of those companies I had eyed for YEARS before ordering. I think this product is going on my “must-have-always” list.

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