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Metamorphosis 135.0 – Subtle Darkness, Detrivore Cosmetics’ December Collection

Some days, I want to wear something “dark” without actually wearing something dark. Luckily for me (and all those who have ever shared my sentiment), one of my favourite companies recently released an entire collection that fits the bill: Detrivore Cosmetics’ December Collection.

Consisting of three cool and three warm neutrals, these six shadows have become staples in my day-to-day looks. And in the vein of Detrivore’s previous releases, each shade is almost unsettlingly beautiful.

Predatory is described as a “frost pink satin eye shadow filled with white shimmer.” It’s a cool-toned pink with a strong blue-white shimmer, an absolutely perfect base for many eye looks. I’ve found countless uses for this shade, being neither a pink, nor a neutral person. I will admit, this shadow wins extra points for the name.

Topiary is a ” light brown taupe with white shimmer.” The white shimmer gives it almost a blue cast, causing it to lean very cool. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really grasp the taupe-fever that consumes so many makeup addicts, but this is a beautiful colour that lends itself well to many looks.

Mimicry is also described as a “taupe satin eye shadow filled with white shimmer,” though it’s definitely darker and a bit less shimmery than Topiary. It’s also cool-toned, and makes a perfect crease shade when paired with the previous two colours.

Aurum is an appropriately named “light gold satin eye shadow.” It’s a lovely pale yellow-gold, though not metallic. This makes a gorgeous highlight for warmer looks.

Decline is described as a “light orangish yellow satin eyeshadow with gold and orange shimmer,” and reads as a pale orange-brown shade with a satiny finish. This would be beautiful on warmer complexions and stunning during the summer.

Nocturnal is a “brown satin eye shadow filled with white shimmer.” Like Topiary and Mimicry, the white shimmer can appear a bit blue, but Nocturnal is still a very warm brown shade. It reminds me of the shield beetles we have here, which–while not detrivores–I think is oddly appropriate.

These six shades are entirely different from anything else in my collection, and definitely completely different from anything Detrivore has previously released. At this point Detrivore jars fill a large part of my storage drawers, and with Distorria constantly formulating breathtaking new shades, their numbers will only continue to grow. I’ve all ready been eyeing up the newly-relased Graveyard Collection, an array of loose mattes.

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine

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Metamorphosis 100.5 – Colours of Decay Pt. 2, more from Detrivore

Thanks to Detrivore’s currently-running 10-for-$20 sale, I have a few more swatches for you. The more I order, the more I realize that these shadows are like potato chips: you can’t have just one..or even a few. Despite the similarities between many colours in the Detrivore catalog, there are subtleties that make them completely different colours whether it stems from the finish, the colour shift, or shimmer. What might look similar in the jar turns out to be radically different in application. This go-round, my order was green-heavy, containing Tommyknocker, Abnormal, Institution, Ruin, as well as Cremains, Disturbance, and Psychopomp.

The following swatches are over Urban Decay Primer Potion (top), bare skin (middle), and MAC Painterly (bottom) in natural lighting, unless otherwise indicated.

Psychopomp, Cremains, Tommyknocker, Institution

Ruin, Abnormal, Disturbance

As you can see, these shadows apply best over a primer. I personally prefer these over the Urban Decay primer, but they perform well over MAC’s Paint Pots as well.

Cremains, Institution, Ruin, Abnormal, and Disturbance over SoBe Botanical’s Stick It! foiling medium. You can see how Cremains has an almost blue-silver cast to it, and how Abnormal has rich gold undertones. In fact, Abnormal has all ready joined the ranks of Plague as one of my all-time favourite shadows.

indoor lighting to show shimmer

indoor lighting to show shimmer

What I was most excited about receiving, however, were the blushes I ordered. Detrivore’s blush offerings are not even remotely what you might consider typical, including far more bright pinks and deep reds than the standard nude-peach-pink fare. After much hemming and hawing and googling swatches, I settled on Vulgar, described as a “bright frost pink,” and Concubine, a “faded mauve.” Admittedly, neither of these are colours I really would have chosen for myself in a store or even online, as I tend to go for more dramatic, stand-out shades. However, I’m extremely happy with these shades and foresee myself getting a lot of use from them.

Vulgar, blended out and striped on thick. As you can see, it’s more of a lilac pink and is satin-matte in texture. I do normally prefer some shimmer to my blushes, but I think that would have made this shade unwearably frosty. This will pair well with many of my lavender-purple lipsticks as well as cooler toned, more unusual shades (like my blues, greens, etc). According to the website, this colour contains ultramarines and is therefore not safe for use on the lips.

Concubine, blended out and striped on thick. This is indeed a dusty, faded mauve and matte in texture. This is a great neutral, everyday colour for someone who doesn’t really like neutrals. According to the website, this is also eye safe. Like Vulgar, this blended out effortlessly and can be layered to build colour.

Vulgar and Concubine in slightly different lighting. You can see exactly how lilac Vulgar leans, especially when applied heavily. I am incredibly pleased with these blushes and definitely think I’ll be snagging more before the 3-for-$10 sale is over.

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine

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Metamorphosis 100.0 – the Colours of Decay, a review of Detrivore Cosmetics

When I first heard of Detrivore Cosmetics, I was a little confused. Their products are labeled with various insects and crustaceans and a vast number of colours are named for decomposed matter, bodily fluids, diseases…I love it. This, however, is coming from a girl who has no problems naming a beauty blog after an insect and has virtually no internal censor when it comes to “gross” subjects. It’s a widespread joke that I’ve been banned from polite dinner tables across the Tri-State area. But the fact that an independent cosmetics brand could name itself after creatures that live on decomposing matter and remain successful definitely left me scratching my head. Several orders later, I know exactly how: their products speak for themselves.

I ordered during one of Detrivore’s 10 for $20 sales and received my order with incredible speed. All shadows came in 5 gram sifter jars, heat sealed with ingredient labels stuck to the sides. The bottom labels contain the shadow name, stock number, and some details on the formula: whether it is a matte, satin, highlight, or original, also indicated by the type of critter pictured. Mattes are represented by a lobster, satins a spider, and original a beetle. There are no ingredients on that label, so make sure you look before opening the jar.

Some of the shades I ordered look radically different in the jar than they do on skin: many of the original formula shades do not appear nearly as shimmery in the jars. I personally love a good shimmer, but some might be surprised by the punch these pack. The following lists my order by shadow type.

Original Shadows in Dagon, scar, Marine, Mildew, Fungus, Dr. West, Gangrene, Plague, Vitriol, and Misery. I received Saprophyte as a sample.

Satin Shadows in Hysteria, and Guillotine

Matte Shadows  in Asylum, Facade, and received Plasma and Glacier as samples

I also received a sample of Harlot, a shimmery pink highlight.

The following swatches are taken in natural light (unless otherwise indicated) over UDPP (top), bare skin (middle), and MAC Painterly (bottom).

Harlot, Plasma, Dagon, Scar, Glacier

Glacier, Saprophyte, Marine, Asylum, Mildew

Mildew, Hysteria, Fungus, Dr. West, Gangrene

Dr. West, Gangrene, Plague, Vitriol, Guillotine, Misery, Facade

Indoors with flash

Swatched over DG Glitter Glue:
Harlot, Dagon, Scar, Saprophyte
Marine, Mildew, Hysteria, Fungus, Dr. West
Gangrene, Plague, Vitriol, Guillotine, Misery

with flash

Below, I used Glacier, Saprophyte, Marine, and Mildew over UDPP and DG Glitter Glue:

You can see how the colours really pop over the Glitter Glue–just a note, that’s not a crease, that’s very lightly applied Glacier over just UDPP. I completely underestimated the power of the Glue. …and yes, I forgot to put on mascara.

All in all, would I buy from Detrivore again? Yes–in fact, I have another order on the way right now for more shadows and a handful of blushes! Right now you can take advantage of 10 for $20 shadows and 3 for $10 blushes on Detrivore’s site! There are five new shades up as well as a new mattifying powder and primers.

Interested in the sale but not sure what to get? Stay tuned–I’ll have more swatches later in the week. The sale is on until September 2nd!

If you have a morbid sense of humour or tend to see the romance in darker things, Detrivore might be a great company for you. Even if you don’t and just want some well-formulated, unique colours that wear well without creasing, there’s still plenty for you at Detrivore. It has most certainly made it’s way onto my list of Indie Companies I Trust and whole-heartedly recommend!

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine

PS: for kicks, this is the lip I wore with the above eye–a combination of Hi-Fi’s Phantasm and Evil Shades’ Miscreant: