If That’s What You Wanna Do: Makeup Inspired by the 1975’s Love Me

“Another post about the 1975?” you’re probably groaning. I know, it’s been weeks since their album came out and I’ve all ready mentioned them so many times…but the moment I saw the video for Love Me back in October, I knew I needed to play with their look.

Just Keep Lookin'

The video, directed by Diane Martel, featured the band partying with a horde of cardboard celebrities, but let’s face it: the real star of the show was Matty Healy’s makeup, as done by the incredibly artistic Jeffrey Baum. Powder blue and neon pink is a very particular colour combo, and definitely serves as a throwback to the kind of retro 80’s glamour the band is channeling, but Baum keeps it from looking dated by keeping lips clean and natural, tying it all together with dashes of dayglo liner.

Bright Liner in Love Me

Considering that “Serendipity” blue is one of Pantone‘s dual Colours of the Year, I decided to bust out my new Sephora Pantone Universe lipstick and do some role reversal. You’ve seen the blue eye pink lip combo a thousand times, but I’m always interested in paths less traveled. And considering the song’s New Wave influences, I thought it was appropriate to play with some heavy contouring and bright blush.

"Love Me" Spinoff Look

I used Sugarpill‘s Dollipop, Urban Decay‘s Savage, Bones, Alien, Truth, and Too Faced‘s Your Love is King to create a bold pink eye and blend it out into my contour, a la some of my New Romantic image idols. Then, using Dior‘s Dior Addict Fluid Shadow in Magnetic, I traced a silver line under my waterline before creating a second line in black liquid liner–everyone has their favourites, but mine is Urban Decay‘s Perversion. Extending the line beyond my natural eye on both sides, I let the inside corner fall downwards while the outside corner continued up.

"Love Me" Spinoff Look

Rather than creating a full line along my upper lash line, I joined the lower line with a wing on top and piled on the black mascara. Leaving a slight gap between the upper and lower lines creates an even larger-looking eye–something between a doll and a wild animal, two things everyone aspires to of course.

"Love Me" Spinoff Look

I filled in my brows as usual, and finished the look off with the fabulously blue Serendipity lipstick from Sephora’s Pantone Universe collection. For such a light colour, Serendipity goes on opaque with the first stroke, so application was painstaking–moreso because the bullet itself is a rather strange shape and doesn’t lend itself well to drawing lines or creating shapes. If you’re a dedicated brush-user or have a magic supply of blue lipliner, this probably won’t bother you. Personally, I think this shade is worth a little time and effort–it’s the perfect counterpart to the classic (cliché?) powder blue shadow.

"Love Me" Spinoff Look

While I love the clean neon liner seen on the video’s models, I felt like taking it back–Love Me via ’81 if it was done by Boy George. Naturally, this isn’t a look for some light afternoon shopping or a family dinner. Luckily for me, there’s never a lack of good dance parties in town, and with a New Order show the same night, I was in good company.

The next time you see an artist or model in a video you like, take a look at their makeup. I challenge you to create something from it, to turn it into something you identify with or feel strongly for. Not only does it inspire you to break out of your daily beauty routine, it also creates a unique place for you within the music. You strengthen your relationship not only with the song itself, but also with yourself–it really is amazing how far a little makeup can push the boundaries of our identities.

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Metamorphosis 92.0 – Lashes, Lashes, Lashes! A look at Urban Decay’s fall lash offerings

When it comes to lashes, I’m pretty boring: swipe on some mascara and go. I’ve never worn fake lashes, nor have I curled my lashes. I jokingly asked whether this loses me beauty cred point, but everyone around me seemed astonished. Maybe I’m just gifted with cooperative lashes? I don’t know. But for those of you who are more high-maintenance when it comes to lashes, Urban Decay has you covered this fall!

Urban Decay’s popular false lash line, Urban Lash, gets a few new additions this season with three natural lashes and one pair of sheer drama. I promise I’m going to attempt to wear these–they’re all 100% cruelty-free, synthetic fiber and come with their own tubes of latex-free adhesive. I’ll probably start with Instaflare. They look incredibly easy to apply for glamour that’s still somewhat natural. Urban Decay says:

an adaptation of our easy to apply “Instaglam” lash style, Instaflare is a 1/3 lash with a rounded flare at the outer corner

Also incredibly natural looking are the 3/4 lashes Flirt. Considering my newness to lashes, I foresee myself having some trouble positioning these, considering how short they look. I gather they fit into the outer corners of the eyes as opposed to smack in the middle, which is what my hands will probably want to do. Urban Decay describes them:

a 3/4 lash so subtle people would never guess in a million years that you’re sporting a pair of falsies

Somewhat more dramatic by comparison is Sly. The beauty of this pair is the clear band, easily disguised without gobbing on the black liner. Urban Decay calls them:

a full lash featuring thinned out inner lashes and an almost invisible band for a more natural look

I have to admit, the name “Urban Lash” makes me think of some sort of city-dwelling animal. Something you see on trips to major metropoli: the Urban Lash in its natural habitat! These caterpillars aren’t helping. Black Velvet promises serious drama–I have to admit, I’m most excited about these. UD Gal Kat made me promise to post pictures of these babies on my eyeballs once I get the hang of them. I need to make sure they play nice with my apparently-baffling natural lashes first. Urban Decay calls them:

a lush and velvety full lash with a mink-like texture

As if this isn’t far enough into uncharted territory for me, Urban Decay is also bringing us the Revolution, their High Performance Lash Curler. Apparently, women curl their lashes. Not just on special occasions like their proms or weddings, but every day. I have never. My lashes have enough natural lift that I personally never saw the need. Plus? They’re a little scary looking! They pinch and pull, and from what I’ve seen they don’t “curl” so much as bend or crimp lashes. Once again, Urban Decay rises to the challenge.

What they gave us was a sleek, gunmetal contraption. It’s main appeal is the cage-free curling system, preventing skin-pinching and lash-pulling. This allows ease of use for all eye sizes and shapes. It’s long enough to curl evenly without crimping lashes at either end and is padded along the bottom to cushion lashes. It comes with five replacement pads, which they recommend you change every three months. They also recommend you replace the entire unit every 18 months for spring integrity.

It’s recommended that you use your right hand to curl your right eye and your left hand for the left, laying the curved piece flat against your eyelid.

Last season, Urban Decay came out with their Lush Lash Serum, a growth and conditioning treatment. I can’t possibly tell you why I haven’t tried it yet–it’s an uber-popular growth treatment and it’s vegan. For fall, Urban Decay brings you a great companion product, the also-vegan Lush Lash: a growth serum-infused conditioning mascara.

Not only is the tube gorgeous, the applicator is fab as well. The rubberized teeth form an hourglass, assuring every lash is coated and put in place. UD claims this conditioning mascara lengthens and volumizes without making lashes brittle or drying them out and stays put, thanks to a water-resistant formula. I definitely saw volumizing–more lashes were thicker than I’ve seen them for a long time without clumping or getting spidery–but I can’t say I saw any difference in length.

Below, you can see a before/after of sorts: the top shows my right eye curled, the middle shows it with mascara after curling, and the bottom shows both eyes complete. My left eye remains untouched until the last step: you can see a notable difference between the curled and uncurled lashes, as well as the lashes with and without mascara.

I haven’t been able to use this long enough to tell whether my lashes have “grown,” but I definitely want to try it with the Lush Lash system and test it out.

Urban Lash is available at Sephora and select Macy’s for $15 a piece. The Revolution is available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s for $20. Lush Lash Mascara is available at Sephora, ULTA, and Select Macy’s for $20. All are available online at,,, and

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine

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Metamorphosis 90.0 – Liquid Assets: a Peek at Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners

Years ago, when 16-year-old-Luna bought her first Urban Decay Shadows–Oil Slick, Last Dance, and Uzi–there was absolutely no way to know that we would be sitting down together to discuss some of their latest releases over dinner. I received an invite from Beautylish some time last week for a surprise launch party on Thursday. I wasn’t told what brand was launching what, but any time Beautylish is involved, it’s always a blast. (Seriously, if you haven’t all ready signed up there, I don’t know what you’re waiting for–they’re the nicest people, and you can sign up to be notified when they’re throwing an event near you.) Imagine my surprise when I see my blackberry notifier blinking at me to say the brand I was on my way to meet was Urban Decay!

UD Gals Tammy and Kat came all the way from LA to meet with Beautylish Beauty Director Ning Chao and a handful of bloggers, youtubers, and Beautylish members–needless to say, I was absolutely honored to have been invited. It was an absolutely lovely night full of makeup, girl-talk, and artichokes. And thanks to Urban Decay’s amazing generosity, I can now bring you guys a peek at what’s coming up in the brand’s Fall line!

I’m going to be breaking these products into groups and spreading the entries throughout my posting week.

Urban Decay has a few products that have managed to attain cult status: I think it’s safe to say that everyone has owned at least one 24/7 eyeliner pencil in their lives, if they don’t have a steady group of them knocking around their makeup drawers. Of course I was an avid Zero user in my day, but I’ve come to realize liquid liner is where it’s at. Urban Decay previously had a line of liquid liners, packaged in genie-like bottles with pointed handles and very long, moderately thicker brushes that required a bit of getting used to. I was shocked to see them on the discontinued section of the website recently–here’s why:

New liners, you guys! To be honest, I wasn’t exactly shocked to see these: it seems as if every brand and it’s mother has put out a line of long-wear liquids in slim-line tubes these days. (See here, and here, and here, and here…) What I was surprised to see was the applicator itself: most of the aforementioned liners rely on felt-tip or sponge-like “brushes” to apply, which causes me the pain and heartache of dragging, pulling, and uneven line weights while I attempt to apply them like every other liquid liner I’ve ever used. Is it wrong to feel that I shouldn’t have to re-learn liquid liner execution? I spent the better part of my makeup-wearing life perfecting that technique, so I’m sorry if I feel a little bitter about starting from square one with an all-together different applicator. I think Urban Decay must have felt the same way–I present to you, brushes!

These babies are made with ultra-fine, super-flexible brushes made of 100% cruelty-free synthetic fibers for ultimate control. Better yet, they come in eleven different super-pigmented, smoothly-formulated shades in finishes that vary from matte to gloss to shimmer.

From left to right top line: Perversion (carbon black), Revolver (sparkly, dark grey), Demolition (deep, matte brown), Smog (sparkly, golden medium brown), Radium (bright, sparkly blue), Sabbath (deep, matte navy blue)

Left to right bottom line: Retrograde (glittery, deep purple), Siren (sparkly, mermaid-tail blue/green), Woodstock (sparkly hot pink), Bobby Dazzle (sparkly, bright pearl), El Dorado (sparkly, canary gold)

The following are comparison shots between Urban Decay’s Woodstock and Make Up Forever’s Iridescent Fuchsia.

UD’s Woodstock on top, MUFE’s Iridescent Fuchsia on bottom

MUFE on the left, UD on the right: you can see the single-weight line from MUFE, regardless of how much pressure I used, versus the varied-weight line from UD. I know which I’d rather use for a cat-eye.

Urban Decay suggests leaning an elbow on your mirror or vanity while applying in order to keep a steadier hand: if your elbow is secure, your wrist is free to create the perfect line. I usually do a combination elbow-on-mirror, wrist-against-cheek maneuver to keep myself secure.

These wear all day without rubbing off, transferring, or looking any less stellar than it did when you put it on. Even better, you can use these to create a wide variety of shapes, from thin, subtle lines along the lashes to big, bold cat-eyes that wing out to there.

These will be available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s locations, or online at,,,, and of course for $18.00 a piece. (Compare that with the prices of other long-wearing liquids: you’re going to want to check these out for that reason alone!)

Next up, Urban Brow and Lush Lash Mascara!

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine

*Please note, the products featured in this post were given to me by PR for the purpose of review. This has not affected my honest review in any way.